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TRTP™ Trauma Processing

Discover your true self

Now is the time to make a change and get in touch with your inner shine!

Are you ready to make positive changes in your life but find yourself sabotaging your efforts?
Do you get triggered and feel overwhelmed, unable to control your thoughts, feelings, and behaviours, or feel numb and detached from your emotions?
Do you experience guilt and shame without having a good reason?
Are you tired and exhausted, battling your inner conflicts?
Do you find it hard to relax and assert yourself?
Do you Feel that you are not good enough or don’t deserve good things in life?

I can help you transform your life and lead you towards a better future by using an innovative, very safe, and effective process known as TRTP™ (The Richards Trauma Process).

TRTP™ is not a talk therapy…

TRTP™ is a three-step process that uses dynamic re-imagination to help you connect with your best self. It targets and clears your negative core beliefs, traumatic memories and distressing past events including, symptoms of PTSD, trauma, stress, depression and anxiety.

TRTP™ works at the level of the subconscious, where old habits and memories are stored, and includes dynamic re-imagining, which is simply focussed attention and willingness to engage in ‘theatre for the mind’.

TRTP™ uses the imagination and follow suggestions to release negative patterns and engage in fresh, positive ones. Anyone can use this strategy.

This process moves a person to a position of empowerment regarding traumatic memories, and returns the body and mind to a state of deep calm.

TRTP™ involves three two hour sessions.

1 Hour Introduction Session – $150

How TRTP™ is life changing...

TRTP™ consists of 3 sessions, each one is two hours long and spaced within 3 weeks.
The first step involves homework which will take you around 30 minutes to complete. The homework saves time, brings clarity, and this helps to prevent re-traumatisation by retelling of the story.
Each session has an educational component, to help you understand yourself better.
My role is to engage you in a creative process using psychoeducation and dynamic re-imagining. I lead you through the steps in an assertive, direct manner, using my presence and connection to ensure that you feel safe, supported, guided and in control.

First Session

During the first session I bring your awareness to your unconscious core beliefs, that are responsible for some of the negative patterns of thoughts, emotions, and behaviour in your life.

You will be able to address the unhelpful patterns and change your negative core beliefs, while being introduced to the concept of your “True Self” through the power of your imagination. This process is truly transformative, and unique.

To assure that you achieve the positive change that you desire, you will be given an audio recording of the session that will help you re-enforce your positive beliefs in yourself and your abilities to succeed in life.

Second Session

The second session is designed to help you discharge emotions that are at the core of your emotional re-triggering. I will coach you through this process in a safe and supportive manner, and you will achieve release from the flight, fright and freeze responses stored in your body. Your body will return to calm, you will feel empowered, and your symptoms will cease.

During this process, your feelings of guilt, shame, self-blame, and grief will be addressed.

Third Session

In the third session I will help you to focus on creating your future, so that every part of you will know “where you are going”.

Three weeks after completing the TRTP, you will receive a follow up complimentary phone call where I will check on your progress.

Are you ready to fall in love with life?

1 Hour Introduction Session – $150