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Couples Counselling

Couples Counselling

Be understood, loved and respected.

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Would you like to understand your relationship better?

I am an impartial, neutral, friendly guide to you both, providing relationship counselling, couples counselling, and marriage therapy in Ringwood.

My counselling for couples provides a confidential, safe space where you can feel free to express yourself and listen to each other, to explore your relationship, reflect and gain clarity.

Transparency and clear boundaries are at the core of my approach to couple counselling and relationship counselling.

I care deeply about your values and encourage curiosity about your behaviours and attractions.

Couples counselling or couples therapy is very rewarding because of how effective it is at clarifying what is really happening in a relationship.

During couple therapy or marriage therapy sessions, we discover answers to questions like:

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Through couple counselling and relationship counselling, I help couples experiencing:

When doing couple therapy sessions, I integrate Systemic, Solution Focused and Psychodynamic Approaches based on Attachment Theory and techniques developed by Gottman and Gottman.

Please note: I do not work with couples or provide counselling for couples who experience Family Violence issues. Please, always consider your safety when making your appointments for couples counselling. I am happy to discuss referrals to appropriate services if you are unsure. Please contact me directly to learn more about my couples therapy.

During a couple therapy session, you will learn the foundations of strong, working relationships and principles of effective communication.

You will experience feelings of relief, respect, new insights about your behaviours and genuine curiosity about your connections with others.

Are you ready for an inspiring journey of discovery? Book a session for couple counselling or marriage therapy with me.

1 Hour Session – $180

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