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About Us

Hi, my name is Jana...

I am a therapeutic counsellor with more than 10 years of experience. I specialise in TRTP Trauma ProcessingIndividual CounsellingCouples Counselling and Pre-Marital Counselling.

I am available for in-person sessions at Maroondah Mind & Body in Ringwood and via Zoom, on Mondays and Wednesdays to Saturdays.

My approach...

Good counselling is an experience of safety, connection and deeper understanding. It is a process of self-exploration, and an opportunity for learning and development for anyone who is open.

Everyone holds the key to their own success, and everyone has the potential to heal, grow and succeed.

I hold a safe space where you can explore and reflect on what’s happening in your life.

The core of my work stems from a Person Centred Approach. I tune into your feelings. I receive clarity about your inner experiences and how this influences your relationship with yourself and the outside world.

When we work together I help you:

  • Feel safe
  • Express yourself
  • Know yourself better
  • Experience authentic connections
  • Explore topics that are most important to you
  • Explore behaviours that you are interested in changing
  • Have more clarity about your connections within yourself and the outside world

I encourage your self-exploration, creativity and imagination, to help you feel free.

When appropriate, I also challenge your unhelpful thought patterns.

I provide guidance that increases your motivation, creates hope and builds self-esteem. This leads to more self-acceptance and personal development.

For Individual Counselling,

I integrate a number of techniques rooted in modalities such as Internal Family System (IFS), Motivational interviewing (MI), Narrative Therapy (NT), Solution Focused Approach (SF), Existential Approach and Art Therapy, depending on client’s personal styles, their needs and level of engagement.

For Couples Counselling,

I integrate Systemic, Solution Focused and Psychodynamic Approaches based on Attachment theory and techniques developed by Gottman and Gottman.

I help you clarify your needs, challenges and problems.

I guide you to find the best solutions.

You will feel relief, peace, strength, and genuine optimism to move forward in your life.

Are you ready for an inspiring journey of discovery?

Your inner world is where true healing takes place.

How I work...


I help you to feel safe and trust yourself.

I empathise with you and accept you.

I am non-judgemental and open to what you bring.

I encourage you to share your inner thoughts and feelings.


I work with you in an equal partnership.

Together we negotiate the goals for your counselling and customise a plan for you.

I check in with you about what you want and need, and motivate you to reach your goals.


You can use our relationship as a model for effective communication.

Togeteher we reflect on the quality of this connection.

I give you feedback and insights about how you can connect better with other people authentically.


I encourage your self-exploration, creativity and imagination.

Explore topics that are most important to you.

I offer you validation, guidance, respect, compassion and when appropriate I challenge you.


I offer tools to help you reflect, and feedback that helps you understand your relationship with yourself, other people and with the world.

I help you clarify your needs and challenges.

I guide you to find the best solutions.


I offer tools that empower you to be more confident and self reliant.

I provide guidance that increases your motivation and builds self-esteem.

You will feel relief, peace and optimism to move forward with excitement and joy.

Are you ready for an inspiring journey of discovery?

My qualifications...

I trained as a Therapeutic Counsellor in the UK in 2002.

I continued developing my skills in Australia, where I studied and graduated in Applied Psychology in 2015 and then Integrated Couples Counselling in 2017.

I am a clinical member of PACFA association and comply with Ethical standards.

I regularly attend Professional Development Trainings and engage in clinical supervisions to assure the highest quality of service.

My experience...

The reasons why I became a counsellor are my curiosity about life, human behaviour and our capacity to relate better with each other.

My personal and professional journey helped me develop skills that are essential in my work with clients.

I have a scientific background in chemistry, which helped me to develop qualities such as curiosity, precision, practicality, planning and assessing. These qualities are extremely helpful when working with people who are looking for solutions to their problems.

I feel privileged that I have been able to experience different cultures. I grew up in Slovakia, I was a student and lived in the UK for fifteen years and I migrated to Australia in 2009. These experiences have helped me to be culturally aware and sensitive to people.

I have been married to my Australian husband for over twenty years and together we have two inspiring teenage children. Married life made me appreciate the challenges of raising a family while juggling the expectations of two culturally different sets of extended families.

I have helped clients with various issues and complex needs.

I have worked and supported people in their own homes, and in public and private settings since early 2002.

I have provided a range of psychological approaches for organisations such as Relationship Australia, Melbourne City Mission, Thriving Youth Australia, Gambler’s Help, Doncare, Banyule Community Health, New View Psychology and LifeWorks.